Black Opal Engagement Rings!

A very popular fact is known to men, women love diamonds. But that is changing. Women now want gemstones that are light, shiny and provide a sense of uniqueness. That is where black opal engagement rings come into the picture. They are both classy and unique looking. And that’s not all, opal rings also fit in your budget!

Before you buy an black opal engagement ring, you need to identify whether you have in your hands a doublet, solid opal or triplet. The triplets and doublets is made up of a thin slice of opal that is bonded onto the black backing. This will have an effect on the stone, which is bright and dark in color. The idea behind this method is to replicate the black opal, which is considered to be of very high value. The advantage you get from buying either a triplet or doublet is its lower price. The disadvantage is obvious – they get destroyed easily if they are constantly in contact with water. Solid opals, as its name suggest, is much better. It is made of the 100 percent real opal, of high quality and a good long-term investment.

When these gemstones are flanked by Diamond and set in gold, they really make an impact on others. The only thing that’ll be beautiful than your fiancé will be this ring; glowing with different colors of every shade. Every eye on both sides of the aisle will be on your partner and the ring on her hand.


Did you know opals are now the 6th most popular gemstones in the world? True fact.

Let alone, black opal and black opal engagement rings are the national gemstone of Australia and 95%+ of its production comes from there. Before the 1800s, it was quite popular among the masses due to its unique shine and color but after a story had surfaced of a man turned into ashes – due to wearing an opal ring – its popularity decreased. Today, popularity has increased for the ring, and has the likes of many.

Choosing the correct black opal ring:

Opal rings come in various varieties and colors. That is why it is quite hard to choose between them. In this article, I will try to give you some tips regarding this.

The first things that you should consider before buying are the type and the color of opal.

Shape of the opal

The shape of your black opal engagement rings are the most important thing in this decision. Most opals are oval because that is the natural shape in which silica and other materials forming opal mold themselves. Boulder opals are also common and could be found in free-form shapes.

Types Of Opals

Color of the opal

The most attractive part of the opal is its color. It defines its value. Blue and purple are most common; green, yellow, orange and red are less frequently used. Red, even being the rarest, is not used commonly, keep that in mind before buying.

At the top of the hierarchy is the black opal, which is expected to have a price associated with rarity and status. It is generally considered to be the best opal out there, because of its dark tone. That is the reason I love black opal engagement rings!

A cousin of the black opal is the boulder opal, but lesser known than the superior one. However, both have an equally tremendous color. The opal is formed through its thin veins through its ironstone backing, which is why its got the dark color. The price is that of the less per carat because of the incorporated ironstone to it. You should be extra wary of people that are selling this type of opal “per carat”, as they have the tendency to put on a heavy ironstone back on its stone. This is a trick they use to boost up the stone’s price. Most boulder opals are considered ‘hardy’ because of its solid ironstone backing.

The white opals comes with its milky-like body tone and are far more common than other types of opals. Its white tone often makes the color of the stone less bright, however when taken on the same note, high quality of this type of opal can be very captivating.

Color Of Opal

Body tone of opal

You should buy black opal or maybe something in between like Matrix or Boulder. Body tone is one more factor that determines the value of the opal. Darker body results in more value. That is why black opals are the most expensive, but that doesn’t stop you from picking what looks good!

Size of the opal

Like diamonds, opals are also measured in carats. On Keeping everything aside, larger opal means more value.

Brilliance of the opal ring

The biggest quality of an opal is that it shines with different colors. The more brilliance it shows; the pricier it is. Lastly is the crystal opals, in which it comes with either a transparent or translucent quality. This kind of quality can add up value on a stone, especially when it is combined with a good color.


The location could have sentimental value. You may or may not want to choose opals coming from a specific location. As I have told before, most opals are found in Australia. Opals are also found in Europe, Northern America, and Latin America.

The Black Opal Engagement rings design

Black Opal Ring!

Most opals are surrounded with metal surroundings to prepare them for long-term wearing.

You should also keep in mind your budget. The black opal ring in platinum would cost you around $2600 per piece. If you don’t want to use platinum, you could use white gold. That would reduce the price to $900 but still leave you with a dazzling feel and look!


Remember that each and every person is different. You should buy your ring and opal according to the needs, shape, size and design of your choices. Whatever type of ring she likes I’m sure black opal engagement rings will suite you. After all, who could know your fiancé and her likings better than you? Engagement and marriage are one-time events; give your fiancé the best you can. However, make sure you do not empty your bank balance in doing so.

Congrats on the big occasion, and good luck finding the ring! 🙂